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    • D.P. - Grand Banks 36’ Classic

    I am writing you to convey my appreciation for the extraordinary service provided to me by Courtney Wingard of your office in Seattle last week.

    My renewal premium for boat insurance was due soon. While at a business near your Westlake office I thought I’d save a stamp and just pay in person so I stopped by. I soon learned it was not normal for premiums for Red Shield to be processed at a Novamar office but, Courtney made it happen. She went to great lengths to provide first rate customer service. She was very pleasant to me and to the person/persons she spoke with at Red Shield.

    I could go on, but suffice it to say I think you have a high quality employee in Ms. Wingard.

    Just wanted you to know.

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Testimonial image
    • Steve W.

    We first met Peter Ricks through our Yacht Club and it was immediately obvious that he loved to share his vast boating knowledge with everyone around him. Years later we decided to upgrade to an ocean capable trawler and needed insurance beyond what our previous insurer could offer. I discussed various options with Peter, including our short and longer term cruising plans and he crafted a policy that worked well for our specific needs and turned out to be more affordable than we planned.

    Peter is a true hands on guy. When he's not improving his own boat or out fishing he's quick to lend a hand or offer experienced advice. I've found his knowledge of marine insurance to be second to none.
    Heck, he even came aboard for part of our survey! Can't recommend him enough.

    • Ed C.

    I met Peter Ricks at a boat show in Newport Beach over ten years ago on the eve of acquiring a very special, semi-custom yacht built overseas. I was immediately taken with his positivity, knowledge of both the boating world and insurance markets and his client focus. I had choices of several brokers but something about Peter told me our new yacht and our family were in good hands with him. During the past ten years, that decision has never failed me as we grew our fleet of boats. After a brief period when Peter tested another area of the marine insurance industry, I admit to missing Peter and not feeling the same about the care and expertise we were getting.

    I went so far as to reach out to him and let him know he was missed! Then one happy day last year Peter came back with an even better platform at Novamar Insurance and asked whether we would be interested in him representing us again. That was an automatic and happy decision and the rewards have already been manifest from better understanding the insurance markets to thinking and planning about future needs.

    Peter is always responsive, always positive and as a former US Navy man, he is both skilled, disciplined, patriotic and a trusted insurance advisor and advocate whom we are proud to do business with. I would recommend Peter to anyone.

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Testimonial image
    • Peggy

    If you are looking to buy a yacht or just get compare other insurance products to your carrier for cost or coverage, I'd highly recommend Peter Ricks. He is a boater. He knows yachts. He'll chat with you to find out what you do with your boat, what kind of cruising you do, and what kind of training you have then he'll match you up with a company that provides coverage for what you need in your budget.

    I bought a yacht which closed in March. In the weeks up to closing, Peter found a company that met my needs and budget and then got me a quote from the underwriters of that product. Then he guided me through the process of what information the insurance company needed and supplied all of the completed documentation to the Title company before closing. No hassles, no delays and just a really great experience finding the right insurance (not usually a pleasant experience). I reached out to three others, but there was just no comparison.

    • Mike C.

    From the moment we first interacted with Peter, he has always made us feel like he's on our team. His professionalism is clear, his knowledge is vast, and his character is without question.

    Two things really stand out about our first interaction with Peter, first he made sure my wife was very comfortable with everything and constantly made sure she knew she was a part of the process. Second Peter has a great way of finding a way to relate his knowledge to something we are familiar with. For me as a professional airline pilot Peter knows that's what I'm most knowledgable about and does an outstanding job of explaining situations in a manner I completely understand.

    Since our purchase Peter has been a trusted resource, sharing contacts for anything we may need and after our boat was involved in a incident with another boat hitting us in our slip, Peter sprung right into action. He made sure we knew the game plan, the resources to reach out to, and made sure my wife was part of the process and fully up to speed on how we shall proceed on getting our boat repaired. His first words to me after calling him about this incident were "take a deep breathe" and without a doubt Peter allows us to breathe easier knowing he's on our team.

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Testimonial image
    • Miriam G.

    I heard of Keith after I already purchased boat insurance. I told him that, yet he gave me his undivided attention and listened to all my concerns. I stayed with the old insurance for a while, and about 9 months later I contacted Keith again. lo and behold, he kept my old information, and provided me with a much better insurance, for less money.

    Keith has answered all my questions and helped me with the paperwork. I highly recommend him, and in fact, I have recommended him to my friends, who are just as happy with his service.