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At Novamar, we use the "About Us" tab to provide a brief and relevant description of our company philosophy Novamar is committed to provide the best service in the yacht insurance industryand then redirect the message to be "About You" - our client. Craig Chamberlain, Novamar's founder, started his career in marine insurance in California in 1982. With the invaluable assistance of key staff, they have created several proprietary insurance programs in both the Unites States and Mexico. A history steeped in yachting tradition in tandem with a creative and professional staff combine to allow Novamar the freedom and expertise to create proprietary insurance products that benefit you - our client. Sharing this information with experienced staff and underwriters and always being ready to adapt and learn are keys to the success now and in the future for Novamar in the U.S., Mexico, and around the world. In addition, Novamar has embraced modern technology to improve the level of service and communication provided to our clients-wherever they may be. Most importantly, Novamar is still a brick and mortar company with real people committed to providing accurate and friendly counsel to our clients from its offices in the U.S. and Mexico.

Novamar Insurance Group leadership is committed to the following values to provide you with the best insurance services: Honesty in all of our activities. Excellent Communication resulting in superior customer satisfaction. Working only with insurance companies that share our core values. Recognizing insurance companies are our partners along with our clients. Provide an excellent working environment for our employees allowing a pathway for professional growth within the Novamar companies.

Company History

The Novamar name stems from a Latin derivative meaning "New" and "Sea or Ocean," to pay homage to Novamar’s never ending efforts to try new things to improve the client experience as well as the staff’s collective yachting and marine insurance background. Today Novamar’s experience is unmatched in the industry.

It combines extensive insurance expertise together with substantial offshore & sea-time experience aboard boats large and small. This important combination means our clients receive more knowledgeable oversight of their marine insurance exposures.

This experience translates into identifying coverage gaps and risk factors and providing insurance solutions to keep Novamar clients better insured.

The Novamar team is also empowered by insurance company underwriters to make decisions at the local level to provide faster service to our clients. The entire Novamar team is excited about its client focused direction and the future opportunities of Novamar.



Craig Chamberlain (now Novamar President) enters the Marine Insurance Business.


Under Craig’s direction his prior company expands into Seattle, which becomes a separate corporation (and 25 years later, renamed Novamar).


Craig becomes Vice President in charge of operations. By 1998, Craig is a 50% owner of the California Corporation, and the sole owner of the Washington Corporation.


Craig hires Jerry Norman, a long-time marine industry professional, to open the Florida office as GM of the U.S. Southeast Region.


To fill a gap in the market, Craig creates a premier high performance racing sailboat program with Commonwealth Insurance Company. Commonwealth security was replaced by Markel American Insurance Company in 2008.


Craig and other key staff members create the proprietary insurance program Mariners Odyssey in partnership using Lloyds of London security.


Craig and Jerry Norman travel to Lloyd’s of London to further solidify and expand the growing & successful cruising program.


Puerto Vallarta is chosen as the office location for the new Mexico company, MGI Agente de Seguros, S.A. de C.V. created to provide local service and create insurance products for the underserved and growing ex-pat market in Mexico. In addition to providing local service to thousands of yacht owners cruising in Mexico.


Roberto Castellanos, a 25 year Insurance Professional in both the U.S. and Mexico, is hired and becomes Managing Director of MGI


A full time IT staff is hired in Mexico to assist growing IT needs

2012 - 2014

Novamar Insurance Mexico launches proprietary insurance programs for Beachfront Properties, Mexico Boat Liability, Medical Tourism, Tourist Auto, Home/Condo, HOA, D & O, Commercial Lines Products, and Travel Medical. The programs are placed with the best and financially sound insurance companies in Mexico. All products were created to fill underserved areas of the market for ex-pats residing in Mexico or people visiting Mexico.

Teri Chamberlain leaves her former company to join the Novamar California Team. Launch of the updated Novamar Insurance Mexico website. Adding functionality and convenience for clients to quote/purchase/download six different insurance products in real time 24/7 at


Launch of the new highly automated proprietary Novamar Yacht Program (NYP) for yachts between $125,000 and $3,000,000 in hull value

Novamar opens second office in Mexico in Playa del Carmen

Novamar opens an office in San Diego, CA


Novamar opens a second California office in Newport Beach


Novamar opens a second Florida office in Jacksonville