Filing a Yacht Insurance Claim

Accidents happen to the best of us, but if you are prepared and have the right insurance in place, filing a yacht insurance claim is not a stressful process. Our team of experienced insurance professionals have knowledge of a wide variety of watercraft and can handle your claim efficiently and fairly.

At Novamar we understand a client feels the most vulnerable when a loss to their yacht or an injury aboard their yacht occurs. The two most important things to remember are; ensure the safety of your guests and take necessary steps to minimize further damage to your vessel. If there are injuries or serious damage to your vessel, another vessel or other property, immediately call local authorities by VHF or cell phone and report the incident.

The main objective is to stabilize the situation then report the loss to Novamar as soon as possible. In case of a claim be sure to contact Novamar to allow us to explain your yacht insurance policy coverage as it relates to the circumstance of your claim.

Necessary Information For Filing a Yacht Insurance Claim

  • Number of individuals involved
  • Contact information of all relevant parties
  • Insurance information of all relevant parties
  • Detailed descriptions of any watercraft involved
  • Photographs of any damages
  • Contact information of any relevant witnesses

Additional Procedures to Follow if a Loss Occurs:

  • Obtain contact information of others involved and take photographs at the scene
  • Don't admit responsibility for the injuries or accident
  • If requested, provide your insurance company and agent contact information only

To notify Novamar of a loss by phone, please call (800) 823-2798 or complete the following loss notification form and e-mail to A Novamar staff member will report your yacht insurance claim to your insurance company. Novamar will provide you with a claim number and insurance company adjuster contact information by e-mail.

What to do if a loss occurs