Private Insurance Risk Assessment

Novamar has been helping clients with their insurance needs locally and globally since 1987. Ask for the Novamar Private Risk Assessment (NPRA) available through Novamar.

Call And Schedule your Private Risk Assessment BEFORE A Loss Occurs!

Program Highlights:

Full Personal Asset Portfolio Coverage – one stop shop for Yacht, Home, Auto, Aircraft, Umbrella Insurance needs
Package Premium Discounts available
Important Coverage Review not included by most competitors such as;
Detailed Analysis of each asset to identify associated exposures and eliminate coverage gaps
Identify exposures due to Asset Usage by Hired Employees
The interplay of asset ownership strategies such as Family Trusts, LLC’s, and Corporations
Identifying D & O exposures related to volunteer board positions
Identify Collective Value of all personal assets across all local and foreign jurisdictions to determine adequate Protection level
Information reviewed by knowledgeable Novamar Staff that understand the importance of complete confidentiality and client protection
Programs underwritten by “A Rated” US domiciled Insurance Companies for State guaranteed client protection
The Novamar Private Insurance Risk Assessment results in the best and most cost effective risk transfer solutions for clients with multiple assets and complex exposures

Novamar Insurance has more than 30 years of experience providing custom, high-quality personal insurance packages. We offer full asset coverage to protect your home, yacht, automobile, or aircraft. Our Private Insurance Risk Assessment gives you a highly detailed analysis of your personal assets, so you can make an informed decision. Our professionals will work with you to create a tailored insurance plan that takes into account your specific assets and lifestyle. We specialize in working with individuals who have numerous assets and complex lifestyles—and we can efficiently create a plan that covers all assets.

Contact Novamar today to speak to one of our insurance professionals and we will give you a free insurance review and Quotes for comparison with your current program.

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